and philosophy
of the Corporation

Our mission is to make investment gold available to everyone. We use modern technologies and tools to help everyone on earth create their own gold reserves and strengthen Financial Security.

Golding is an informational and practical activity to spread among the population these ideas:

  • Gold thinking, aimed at evaluating the cost of human labor and the goods and services produced by him in units of weight of gold (grams, troy ounces - 31.1 g);
  • The need for each person to create their own gold reserves in the form of physical investment gold bullion and coins;
  • The importance of people using premium gold products in their daily lives that represent their standard of living and status in society.

The Corporation aims to make accessible for the general public the purchase of:

  • Gold consumer goods for everyday life, for celebration of significant events and as a gift to close and respected people;
  • As well as of investment gold bullion and coins, so that they can make their own real gold reserves.

The Corporation's affordable price policy in the gold goods segment became possible owing to:

  • The effective selection of producers and suppliers of gold goods;
  • The optimization of the online order process and delivery of the gold products to customers;
  • The Corporation's unique marketing, which for the first time in the world has applied the principle of recommendations for the joint promotion of both gold consumer goods and investment gold coins and bullion.

In addition to the fact that the Corporation itself offers consumers and investment goods gold, the Corporation with the objective of increasing the circulation of basic products:

  • Attracts its active buyers for the cooperation that, under the terms of the contract with the Corporation, advertise the goods and services of the Corporation among their environment;
  • Pays from its earnings to active customers bonuses in the form of investment gold bullion if they make sales of products under the terms of the contract with the Corporation;
  • Accumulates gold bonuses of customers in their personal account («Golden Safe» program);
  • Increases gold bonuses of customers;
  • Rewards active clients with investment gold bullion and coins.

Our Corporation in its practice acts exclusively in the spirit of the Gold Thought philosophy, expanding the awareness of its clients from the level of consumer of gold goods to the level of a gold investor.