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Publication about the «Golding Life» Corporation in Mexico

By Admin | 20/06/2020

The online newspaper MX POLÍTICO, one of the most relevant publishers, dedicated to Mexican news, has chosen Golding Life as a reference to analyze the gold market and the investment opportunities that it presents. MX POLÍTICO highlights that today gold, due to its profitability, is the best option. Golding Life CEO Marina Gloria is interviewed

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By Admin | 15/06/2020

The gold topic has now become the hottest topic not only for bloggers, but also for the print media. Thus, the new progressive fashion magazine “MADRID MAGAZINE” published a big article about the “GOLDING LIFE” company, its gold products of premium class and the possibilities of cooperation with it. Its directors K. Kreger and M.

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Millennials and gold

By Admin | 25/05/2020

Millennials make gold fashionable Fashion and its trends. Gold has always been present in fashion, in haute couture, and among the most famous designers. Let’s think, without going any further, in the attraction that John Galliano, the designer of Dior, felt for gold, both in dresses and accessories. In the last decades we have seen