Gold in the life
of modern

Gold is a means of financial security not only for the state, but also for all people, because gold always retains its value during any economic upheaval. That is why our main tool is gold.

We work with it because gold is the most reliable and time-tested asset:

  • During political and economic crises, almost all people unconsciously want to have gold and think about buying it to preserve their financial savings.
  • And investors are buying gold to increase their amount of money, as they know how to make profit in the period of rise in gold prices.
  • As soon as the production of banknotes, electronic and digital money gets out of control, limited supplies of physical gold will become a more reliable purchase reserve for the population than symbolic money.

The world's gold reserves explored to date and available for extraction constitute only 215 thousand tons of gold, of which 35 thousand tons remain to be exploited, which will be done in the next 10 to 15 years. At the same time, most of the mined gold is:

  • Available to central banks of various states;
  • Owned by the richest people on the planet, who have traditionally had gold for a long time;
  • In industrial products and jewelry, in space, digital and medical technology.

At the same time:

  • Firstly, the amount of new gold is growing only 1.6% per year compared to the total gold reserve in the world. Such a slow growth of the precious metal available for circulation is the most important property of gold, which has not changed in the last 4000 years! And all this gold is taken into account and has its owners, using it as the guardian of their well-being. And this is characteristic only of gold and nothing else!
  • Secondly, the world population is increasing by one billion every 15 years, and consequently the number of those who can potentially claim their part of world gold is growing.

As a result, the possession of gold by the planet's billionaire population under current conditions is extremely uneven:

  • Most of the gold (as a rule, in jewelry) is in the hands of the Asian population, especially in India and China;
  • The investment gold bullion and coins with purity of 999.9 have been concentrated in banks and in the hands of the few richest people in Europe, America and Asia;
  • People are persuaded that gold is no longer a real possession and should be quickly disposed of in favor of paper and digital assets.

That is why it is now very important to transmit important information to people about the lasting value of gold in their lives, so that in a crisis situation they are not suddenly left with nothing due to the depreciation of taxes on asset substitutes. on paper and digital money.