About us

«GL» (Golding Life) is:

gold consumption and investment in gold,

partner online gold business.

About the Corporation

GL (hereafter Corporation) is an international online shop which offers its customers the following products and services:

  • Purchase and delivery of exclusive consumer goods at favorable prices, which include gold;
  • Purchase, storage and delivery of investment gold bullions and gold coins;
  • The importance of people using premium gold products in their daily lives that represent their standard of living and status in society.


The «GL» trademark and the «GOLDING LIFE LTD» corporation have been operating since the beginning of 2017. Currently, the Corporation is registered in London (Great Britain), in the world's largest financial and gold trading center. The Corporation has all permits and licenses. Its activities and tax obligations are governed by UK law. Acting on behalf of the Corporation and copying its trademark by outside legal entities and individuals without the permission of the Corporation is considered illegal and will be prosecuted.

The Corporation's owners are private investors.

President of the Corporation is Кseniya Kreger.
Administrative director of the Corporation is Marina Gloria.
Supreme governing body of the Corporation is the Council of Founders:
– Kseniya Kreger
– Marina Gloria

The suppliers of gold investment bullion and coins for «GL» are major international manufacturers listed on the «Good Delivery» of London Bullion Association Market (LBMA).

Service and storage of the Corporation's gold investment bullion is carried out in the Spanish branch of the German gold producer «Degussa».